20 Years of Innovation and Success

From a small consulting firm to a leading manufacturer of products, United Brands has a rich history of innovation and success in the beverage industry.

Founded in 1995 by president and CEO Michael Michail, United Brands began with a bold vision to provide beverage producers and distributors with a powerful platform to grow their companies and achieve sustained success. We established this vision by helping small, regional beverage producers become prominent national players through the use of three targeted strategies:

• Identifying the right demographics for our clients’ beverage products
• Identifying the best distributors to market and distribute those products
• Assisting them in building strong brands throughout the U.S.

These efforts culminated in our work with South Beach Beverage, a regional producer of non-alcoholic beverages that was struggling to develop a national presence. Leveraging our industry knowledge and experience, South Beach Beverage quickly grew into a national brand that was later acquired by PepsiCo for nearly $400 million.

Shaking Up the Adult Beverage Industry
As the beverage industry evolved to meet changing consumer tastes, United Brands evolved with it. In 1998, we closed the consulting side of the business and began distributing and producing our own beverage products. At that time, we introduced American beverage producers to the energy drink category, helping to launch that market in the U.S by building a network of distributors in more than 27 states. We also began marketing and distributing energy drinks in 16-oz cans, another major breakthrough for the industry.

In 2001, we officially became known as United Brands, Inc., and launched our vision of modernizing the beer industry by introducing flavored products targeted to the changing tastes of American beer drinkers. Combined with our innovative design and packaging techniques, we brought the flavored malt beverage category out of obscurity and into national prominence. Today it is one of the fastest growing segments in the beverage industry.

Looking Ahead
Currently, United Brands is a leading innovator of alcoholic beverages, including JOOSE™ Flavored Malt Beverages and quality beer products such as STACK 101™ High Gravity Smooth Lager. Our products are sold through a well-established network of distributors, and are available in a range alcohol levels ranging from 6% and 9.9% ABV up to 12% ALC/VOL. We are proud to offer established brands that have become household names throughout the U.S.

Despite our success with the flavored malt beverage category, we do not limit ourselves only to adult beverages. During the ‘90s, we were one of the first to introduce energy drinks into the U.S., and our vision going forward is to also develop innovative nonalcoholic beverage products that will further enhance our brand and our reputation as a leading producer of quality beverages.