Our Company

Bold New Beverages for a New Generation of Consumers

United Brands Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of beverages, providing quality products to wholesalers and consumers since 2001. Our products are sold through one of the nation’s largest beer distributor networks and are available in a wide variety of styles, packages and alcohol levels.

Founded by president and CEO Michael Michail, United Brands is recognized as a true innovator in the beverage industry, most people know United Brands for our distinctive JOOSE™ Flavored Malt Beverages, which turned the beer industry upside down when first introduced in 2006. But we also make quality beer products, such as STACK 101™ High Gravity Smooth Lager, which is brewed with the finest ingredients for a bold, exceptionally smooth taste.

Over the years United Brands has developed one of the largest and strongest beer distribution networks in the United States. And we have a long history of seeing where the industry is headed and getting there before our competitors.

Most of all, United Brands is a company on the move. We’re continually researching new adult beverage products to meet the changing tastes of a new generation of beer and malt beverage drinkers.

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