McAle’s Brewing Products


McAle’s Hard Root Beer

Cream soda base, creamier and smooth drinking with added spice barks for less sweet tasting Root Beer. The best tasting hard root beer of its kind, you don’t have to be old fashioned to enjoy old fashioned flavor.


McAle’s Hard Ginger Ale

Brewed with real ginger spice and natural zesty lemon-lime, a true Ginger Ale with a zippy refreshing bite. Authenticity speaks volumes, so does flavor and we’ll let our Hard Ginger Ale do the talking.


McAle’s Hard Orange N’ Cream

Real vanilla extract and natural orange citrus for classic Orange N’ Cream sweet and tart flavor. A modern day take on grand-dads famous recipe, you don’t have to be old fashioned to enjoy old fashioned flavor.


McAle’s Hard Cola

Real Kola Nut gives our Hard Cola that classic cola bitter-sweetness with a smooth finish. An old fashioned secret family recipe, if we’ve learned anything from generations before us, it’s that nothing satisfies like true cola flavor.


McAle’s Red Apple Ale

McAle’s Red Apple Ale is a smooth-brewed, full-body, crisp and refreshing apple ale. Delicious red apple taste that comes from real fuji red apples, an all-american cross of Red Delicious and Ralls Janet apples. Brewed like a true ale using special brewers’ yeast to bring out that natural sweet, juicy, real red apple flavor. Taste the difference of McAle’s Apple Ale, the way apple ale is meant to be.


McAle’s Green Apple Ale

McAle’s Green Apple Ale is smooth-brewed for a full-body sweet and tart real green apple taste. Juicy and crisp green apple taste that comes from famous granny-smith apples. All natural sweet, yet slightly tart, crisp and refreshing. Brewed like a true ale using special brewers’ yeast to bring out the delicious natural flavor, the way apple ale is meant to be.